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Our Company

The People Who Make Us

We are award-winning artists, animators, illustrators, designers, technologists and medical professionals.


John Reikes, CEO
John Reikes


Elana Guthrie, CFO
Elana Guthrie


Olivia Lane, VP of Operations
Olivia Lane

VP of Operations

Nick Maguire, VP of Sales
Nick Maguire

VP of Sales

Dean Manelis, Director of IT
Dean Manelis

Director of IT

Account management

Lauren Arnold, Visual Strategist
Lauren Arnold

Visual Strategist

Breanna Bunnell, Visual Strategist
Breanna Bunnell

Visual Strategist

Brianna Jevnager, Visual Strategist
Brianna Jevnager

Visual Strategist

Cynthia Landon, Visual Strategist
Cynthia Landon

Visual Strategist

Darlene McLoughlin, Visual Strategist
Darlene McLoughlin

Visual Strategist

Ray Padilla, Visual Strategist
Ray Padilla

Visual Strategist

Adam Palminteri, Visual Strategist
Adam Palminteri

Visual Strategist

Scott Pierce, Visual Strategist
Scott Pierce

Visual Strategist

Tyler Komarnycky, Visual Strategist
Tyler Komarnycky

Visual Strategist


Jamie Block, Visual Consultant, BSN, RN, ALNC
Jamie Block

Visual Consultant, BSN, RN, ALNC

Lawrence Pasion, Visual Consultant
Lawrence Pasion

Visual Consultant

Elliot Thompson, Technical Sales Consultant
Elliot Thompson

Technical Sales Consultant

Melissa Zachritz, Technical Sales Consultant
Melissa Zachritz

Technical Sales Consultant

3D team

Ali Almasabi, Senior Medical Animator
Ali Almasabi

Senior Medical Animator

Allysa Benedict, Medical Animator
Allysa Benedict

Medical Animator

Jenny Chin, Medical Animator
Jenny Chin

Medical Animator

Doug Eklund, 3D Animator
Doug Eklund

3D Animator

Jacob Shapiro, Forensic Animator
Jacob Shapiro

Forensic Animator

Jacob Ramirez Furlong, Lead 3D Animator
Jacob Ramirez Furlong

Lead 3D Animator

Nick Sousa, Forensic Animator
Nick Sousa

Forensic Animator

Ben Taylor, Senior Technical Animator
Ben Taylor

Senior Technical Animator

Felix Wieler, Medical Animator
Felix Wieler

Medical Animator

2D team

Jung Park, Director of 2D
Jung Park

Director of 2D

Ruth Rose, Director of Design
Ruth Rose

Director of Design

David Dorris, Interactive Designer / Dev.
David Dorris

Interactive Designer / Dev.

Brian Evans, Senior Medical Illustrator
Brian Evans

Senior Medical Illustrator

Patrick Price, Medical Illustrator
Patrick Price

Medical Illustrator

Jeremy Brotherton, Senior Medical Illustrator/2D Associate Coordinator
Jeremy Brotherton

Senior Medical Illustrator/2D Associate Coordinator

Nick Lang, Senior Medical Illustrator
Nick Lang

Senior Medical Illustrator

Chris Miller, Medical Illustrator
Chris Miller

Medical Illustrator

Allison Pardieck, Medical Illustrator
Allison Pardieck

Medical Illustrator

Mary Schweiger, Medical Illustrator
Mary Schweiger

Medical Illustrator

Riley Jones, Medical Illustrator
Riley Jones

Medical Illustrator

Amy Hoang, Medical Illustrator
Amy Hoang

Medical Illustrator

Admin and support

James Dator-Frigon, Studio Manager
James Dator-Frigon

Studio Manager

Chris Lemon, Technical Director
Chris Lemon

Technical Director

Tatyana Tucker, Accounting Assistant
Tatyana Tucker

Accounting Assistant

Melissa Vail, Studio Coordinator
Melissa Vail

Studio Coordinator

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