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What We’re Made Of

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Our mission is to revolutionize the way complex technical information is presented to an audience. By providing innovative visual and interactive solutions, we help those who view our content better understand the facts and mechanisms presented.

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Our process

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    In order for the visual media to be as effective and impactful as possible, we must first determine the message they must convey for our clients.

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    Visual themes and media functionality are developed. In simple terms, what is the “takeaway” experience or message we want to leave the audience with.

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    All projects are reviewed via our formal proofing process prior to delivery to our clients. We then schedule meetings with your experts and key decision-makers to review and accommodate edits and revisions before the final delivery.

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    Final exhibits and presentations come in numerous formats and are delivered in the most appropriate form to meet our clients’ needs. Our clients are assured of an on-time delivery of the finest visual media available.

Howard Nations – The Nations Law Firm

“Simply put, High Impact is the best. Their computer animators are proven leaders in 3D animation production. I give the team at High Impact my full confidence!”

Howard Nations – The Nations Law Firm

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